We falled in love with the Japanese Spitz and had our first female, Kimi in 2007.

We have imported dogs from Germany, Norway and Italy to make sure the population are renewed and also to make sure to make breed typical, beautiful, happy dogs with a good temperament. 

We breed under Danish Kennel Club and the Danish Spitz Club. All our dogs are checked for patella before mating, and we also ask the puppy owners to check their dog for Patella.

We travel all over with our dogs for dogshows, and we also do a lot of other activities with our dog, bodycontrol, Rally, Nosework and obbey training. Our dogs swim once a week.

Check out our dogs at their own side.

For further informations, please feel free to contact us at jukilas.jap@gmail.dk or at mobile phone +45 2511 8691

See also our instagram, kenneljukilas